Laptop Batteries

Laptop Batteries
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There are just too many brands of laptop batteries in the market that sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to buy a battery for our laptops. There are the popularly known computer companies such as Apple, Dell, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Fujitsu, Sony and many others. However, if you are looking for one to give your laptop a new life, it might do you good to study the top three among all brands. That way, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of using one against the other.

Be Guided In Getting Your Laptop Batteries

Go visit some shops or stores specializing in laptop batteries. This way; you will be guided in getting the kind of laptop battery that will surely give life to your laptop. You should check the various models as well as the corresponding prices of each kind of laptop battery on computer shops, distributor stores, or simply online. Aside from the convenience it gives you, online shopping can be so safe, handy, easy and so simple to use.

Check For Warranties And Refund Guarantees Before Buying

Wherever you may decide to purchase your batteries, no need to worry anymore because distributors and sellers now make sure that customers will be satisfied with the battery replacements they get. You just have to weigh your options among the so many brands to choose from. There are even offers of a 30-day refund guarantee on the laptop batteries you will be purchasing, a 1-year full repair as well as providing you with a warranty to replace any parts that are experiencing malfunctioning defects.

Truly, laptops may lose their appeal rather quickly when you always search for any nearby power outlet just so you could charge up your batteries. Can there really be a secret for keeping your laptop batteries fully or heavily charged as often as possible? Well, you might be surprised but yes, there are various ways by which you can make sure that your batteries are always fully loaded with life anywhere, anytime. Here are some simple helpful tips you may follow to ensure your batteries always have new life.

Hack Down On Your External Devices

Make sure that you always shut down your external devices, especially if you are not using them. This may include USB devices such as your mouse as well as your Wi-Fi which is one common cause of battery drain. It also means that you should avoid charging up some of your mini gadgets such as iPods using your laptop, because this will always totally wipe out your battery life.

Defrag On A Regular Basis

When you defrag your laptop batteries, make sure that you do it habitually. This will surely make your hard drive much more efficient than before you defragged your batteries. However, be reminded that you should never defrag while while your laptop is on battery. And just after you have defragged your batteries, you will see how faster your hard drive is going to be. Obviously, defragging could mean reducing the workload for both the hard drive and your laptop batteries.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Laptop Batteries

Does your laptop always speak of battery drain when you are out and you need to send something via email? Do you always find yourself rushing to a nearby power outlet to charge your laptop batteries just so you can use it? And despite fully charging these laptop batteries before leaving the house, you still run empty when using them while you’re out?

Taking Good Care OF Your Laptop Batteries

Well, I have and if you have, too, I am certain these questions make you raise your eyebrows and wonder about how to take good care of your laptop batteries? Here are some helpful tips to guide you in making sure you are taking good care of your laptop batteries.

First, when you use a laptop as a desktop replacement, make sure you do not leave the batteries inside for a long time because naturally, the laptop will discharge the battery’s life after a few hours. However, should it happen that your battery got empty, immediately remove it and make sure that it is charged to half of its capacity to charge. After which wrap the battery in a dry cloth and store it in a place warm and dry. And make sure that nothing heavy will be dropped on your battery.

Re-Installing Your LApTop Batteries Regularly

Exercise your batteries and re-install them on a regular basis. This would allow for your laptop batteries to discharge properly because leaving charged batteries dormant for a long time will fully discharge batteries which will tremendously affect the batteries’ life cycle. Use the batteries at least one time within two and three weeks.

Keep The Laptop Batteries’ Metal Contacts Clean

Clean the metal contacts of your batteries. Do this regularly every few months using a cloth wet with alcohol as this enables your laptop battery to transfer power more efficiently.

Keep The Operating Temperature Low

Your laptop will function more efficiently if it is cooler. This is why you need to always check your air vents using a fabric or a cleaner designed for cleaning keyboards, or better yet, you may always visit for more helpful tips on taking care of your laptop batteries.

Refine Your Power Options

Simply go to your Windows control panel and find ‘Power Options’. Then set it up in order to bring your power usage to its optimum level. You may also select the “max battery” to achieve the maximum effect you want.

Never Do Multi-Tasking When Using Batteries

Do not multi-task when you are only using laptop batteries. Others who do not realize the importance of prioritizing tasks when using laptop batteries, have their worksheets in Excel open, while simultaneously listening to their latest set of MP3s, chatting and at the same time calling someone thereby, definitely draining their batteries out.

Therefore, settle for the more important tasks you need to accomplish. Not doing so will drain your laptop batteries even before you get to finish one task. Bottom line is you should learn how to pick your priorities.

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