Critical Website Design Rules Part2

Critical Website Design Rules Part2
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Welcome to Series 2 of CRITICAL WEB DESIGN RULES, we will continue from where we stop using the Nicholas theory, firstly i am going to be putting more light on this matter, enjoy as you read on, make sure you follow  every bit of this guide by adding what you’ve learn to what you already know to become a better blogger or web content writer or content developer.














The next thing you have to consider is

  • Keywords in Content

When writing content, not only should it be formatted to be readable, your content is not for your readers alone, but it is also to be consume by third parties like search engines. One way to make the subject of your content known to search engines is to use keywords that can easily be guess by people who use search engines like Google, Yahoo,  Bing and other third parties, using an easy to use keyword can make your site to be listed among what searchers are looking for online, this make it easier for new user and followers to get to know your site .

Be sure to use keywords in your header tags, your first paragraph and throughout your text. The keyword density should be between 4% and 7% – but anything more than that could

  1.  be hard to read and still make sense and
  2.  be considered spam by search engines and banned.
  3. Keywords should also be used in your TITLE tags and your Meta description.

2. Simplify Navigation

The menus and links make up the navigation that the visitor uses to get from page to page in a site. Always plan a site around how people will get from page to page. A visitor on your site should be able to get to what they want within three clicks of their mouse.Multiple navigation points makes it easy to find things. Repeat the top menu and at the bottom. Also create a left or right menu.

Using links within your text to other areas on your site. You can create links so that they are good for search engine optimization (SEO). There are generally two ways to create links within your text:

  1. The wrong way: “For search engine optimization techniques, click here.”
  2. The right way: “Good techniques for search engine optimization are important to use.”

Using link text (anchor text) that describes what the link is about is the best way. Search engine web crawlers (programs that automatically index the contents of websites) visit your site, they “read” links. Spiders can index descriptive links into a subject or keyword category. Spiders have nothing to work with when reading a “click here” until it reaches the linked page.

This is CALLED Cross Linking – use it as much as possible when it makes sense to do so when writing your content.

3. Consistent Design

Web site consistency is very important to achieving s clear cut design, it make your web site or blog easy to use and easy to navigate. At most, one or two layouts should be used in your site design. As a reader browses your site, they should be able to get used to looking in the same place for your navigation, for your sub-navigation and for your content. That’s all there is to say about that.


4. Lower Page Weight is Better

Page weight is the total size of a page on your site in bytes – code, text and images. Your site’s page weight makes a big difference to your viewers. Lighter page weight is better for your readers because the page will download faster. The faster a page downloads, the faster your users get to the content they are looking for.


What do i Mean by the word “be Light”

    • No large images. (Ensure you resize your images before uploading, or optimize them before inserting them into your blog)
    • Fewer images are better. (Use few images that pass the information you are passing across to your audience)
    • Optimize images for the web at no more than 72 dpi (Use image optimizing software if you are using an html template, or search the site repository of your plugins, if you are using a CMS Plugin like wordpress or joomla)
    • Use as small an image dimension as possible for the given design.
    • Use a table td bgcolor attribute or a background-color style attribute for solid color backgrounds. (This is advisable for those using html template, most CMS Framework apps have already take care of this , or already have them prepare for you to use, all you to have to is find out how to insert them
  • Make gradients horizontal or vertical (not diagonal) so that you can use a small image “strip” and repeat it.

How “Heavy” Should a Web Page be?

This is not a compulsory or a must for every website, but if your monthly bandwidth for your websire is below 20GB per month and you are targeting an audience of over 1000 per month, you really habe to consider this.

Certain studies show that 64K is a good maximum webpage size. 64K is a maximum, The smaller the page, the better. 25K is good, 15K is even better. There is a balance between design and function. It is a good idea to focus more on function.

Try putting pages on your web host server as you build your site so you can test it as you go. For pages online, you can test the page weight at to be sure you are on track.


Ways to make pages lighter:

    • Use linked style sheets(Cascading Style Sheet (CSS))
    • Use DIVs instead of TABLEs where possible
    • Use simple repeating backgrounds for effect

Get your team to review your site once it’s ready, tell them to write a review of your site and also indicate in their review how you can improve it,  you have to see to it that every part of your site work well and easy to use for your audience, Making a site easy to read with consistent page design, and easy to navigate will make it easy to find contents or information. When people can find the information they need on your site, they are more likely to refer your site or link to it – which is exactly what you wanted.

Thanks to Nicholas who started the theme of the topic, i hope have being able to expatiate on this topic, i will be writing more on this, keep reading to keep update on the

Third Edition Of Critical Web Design Rules

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