Discoveries and Inventions

Discoveries and Inventions
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People of different places and languages live all over the world.The inventions of great scientist like Wilbur Wright who invented the Aeroplane and Alexander Fleming who discovered Penicillin have made human life easier and comfortable. The discoveries of many men and women had much effect on human life.Christopher Columbus was been recognized for discovering America in 1492 which was before called THE NEW WORLD,

Now it is being celebrated on the second Monday of October every year. Another interesting discovery was the law of gravitation it was discovered by Sir Isaac newton. This had an impact in everywhere on made us understand why objects fall down when we throw them up. Polio is one of the diseases which has killed millions of children,this was why Edward Jenner vaccination. It was first used in Europe before spreading around world.This has helped in eradicating the much number of life’s lost.

Another related discovery to this is antiseptics and antiseptic treatment by Joseph Lister,this is used to prevent germs,mostly bacteria s from harming is mostly used for a person who is injured. Other than to prevent germs and bacteria s,Louis Pasteur found a way to kill it through heat.There are so many things heat is used for-examples ;

  • it is used with disinfectant for treating an injured person.
  • It is also used for washing materials which has bacteria and fungi in it.
  • Heat is a major source and also a fast way of killing bacteria s.
  • Heat is also used for the pasteurization of milk.when milk is gotten from cows it is pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria s.

James Simpson discovered Chloroform as an anesthetic. Chloroform was used in the past for making medicine used for special purpose.The drug make a person feel unconscious when it is taken or injected,it is mostly used in operations and capturing of wild animals.this is why we find so many dangerous animals in the zoo and also in safari park and this also make people to survive operations. Another discovery was oxygen discovered by Joseph priestly. Oxygen is what keeps both humans and animals alive.with oxygen,fire is prevented from becoming disastrous some chemical substance combine with oxygen to produce heat and light.

The cause of malaria was discovered by Ronald Ross which was caused by mosquitoes. Malaria led to the loss of many lives and if it has not been discovered there will be no way to cure it.under this discovery, Sir Patrick Manson found the malaria parasite in the anopheles mosquito. With the discoveries that some insects carries parasites.Aldo Castellani discovered the cause of sleeping sickness which is from the tsetse fly.

From this discovery health workers found a way to cure the diseases. There are so many other discoveries such as the discovery of kindergarten education by Friedrich W. Froebel. Boys’ Brigade by William Smith in 1883, sing a pore by Thomas Raffles in 1819, the planet Uranus by William Herschel and the study of Eugenics by sir Francis Galton which is the methods to improve the mental and physical characteristics of human race by choosing who may become parents. Discovering without inventing new things will not add to the development of human there are lots of inventions of great men and woman in the past and also in the present.

One of the greatest invention of man is the computer invented by Charles’s Babbage. Computer has spread rapidly across the globe and it is used by many people.the invention of computer made life easier for all, for instance the time and money spent in doing large works especially counting of money is now easier through cash register,spread sheet for recording accounts of money entries and much more. Apart from this there are so many operations a computer can carry out such as arithmetic calculation,sending receiving messages,researches,communication and so on.

A computer is best used for business activities and special purpose. Another great invention was electricity invented by Micheal Faraday.When there is electricity there is light and light serves for different purpose for example it is used at night.Almost everything invented uses electricity in order to work such as television,computers,air conditioners,refrigerators,even phone batteries need electricity in order to function.

Electricity is one of the invention that made so many things to be in existence. Wichelm Rontgen invented the x-ray machine.This machine photograph and examine the bones and organ inside the body.It serves for some purpose,for example it is used by doctors to examine a patient who sustain injury in an accident.It is also in airports to detect any object hidden in the body that can be either dangerous to the plane or the passengers. The stethoscope was invented by Rene laennee.

It is used by doctors to listen to heart beat and breathing of a patient who was rushed into the hospital or a sick patient.This invention made the work of doctors less. Some people don’t know how cancer is being treated.Madame Corie invented a chemical substance known as radium, it is used by surgeons for the operation of cancer. Alexander G.Bell invented telephone.It was used in the past as a faster means of communication instead of sending letters which will take time to reach it’s destination.

The use of telephone take less time,money and less time,money and less stress to communicate with anybody in any part of the world .The telephone is now upgraded into an advance version which are ;smartphones, android phones, IPhone and much more. The invention of television by John.L.Baird made almost everything possible.It is more easier and reliable to advertise your business on T.V than to waste money on posters which will one day get torn.

The invention of television brought about T.V programs such as Entertainment,movies,kids programs, documentaries etc.The television is one of the inventions found in every home. The clock is a small but great invention by Christian Huggins.A clock is an instrument for measuring and showing time.If the world was without time it will be difficult for any activity to take place.

There are several types of clocks.these are; ALARM CLOCK CARRIAGE CLOCK -This is a small clock inside a case. BIOLOGICAL CLOCK -This is a natural system in living things that controls regular physical activities such as sleeping. GRAND FATHER CLOCK -This is an old fashioned type of clock in a tall wooden case that stands on the floor. O’CLOCK -This is the normal clock which uses the number 1-12 when telling the time to mean an exact hour. TIME CLOCK -This clock records the time a person start and finishes work.for example,stopwatch.

DIGITAL AND ANALOGUE WATCH – The digital watch shows time in figure while the analogue is the opposite. Most of these invention had been modernized into advance version.All new and old invention and discoveries has contributed to human development.

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