LifterLMS Infinity Bundle

LifterLMS Infinity Bundle
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Here are 10 Reasons why now is the best possible time to invest in the LifterLMS Infinity Bundle (which includes Private Areas) for yourself, your business, and your students.

1) Maybe you’re a “power user” – At LifterLMS we give a lot away for free. The core LifterLMS software is completely free and helps education entrepreneurs get started and validate their course or membership idea and get sales. The Infinity Bundle unlocks even more power with all the third party integrations and design tools in the Universe Bundle PLUS the advanced add-ons that we are constantly evolving, like Private Areas.

2) You appreciate tools made “for us by us” – I’m a course creator too, so I know many of the same challenges you face. We’re not just building “ed tech” software here. We’re solving problems for course creators like you and I. The Infinity Bundle is here to support you on the technology side of your business.

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3) Spot consulting and mastermind are now available -What’s missing from a lot of software offerings? High level LIVE conversations about how to get the most out of the LMS tools and the ability to connect with other power users. That’s why we launched the weekly group coaching call, Office Hours (which is included in the LifterLMS Infinity Bundle).

4) You want to leverage our experience – Before LifterLMS we used to build custom conversion optimized WordPress based LMS and membership site solutions for clients around the world. We’ve seen what’s available out there for hosted course platforms as well as in WordPress. Ultimately we have taken a decade of WordPress, marketing, instructional design, and ecommerce experience and worked tirelessly to craft an elegant and powerful learning platform solution that you get to own with LifterLMS.

5) You offer coaching with your learning or as an upsell – Private Areas is going to be HUGE for the online coaching industry (especially for people who already have a WordPress website and are looking to maximize results for their learners). With LifterLMS you have always been able to sell courses and memberships. But now with Private Areas you can create personalized content and have private discussions with your students or members.

6) LifterLMS listens – We floated the concept of Private Areas by the LifterLMS community and there was a resounding groundswell of excitement and early adopter preorders. There is still time to get an incredible deal if you would like to purchase the Infinity Bundle at $449 before the price goes up on August 1 as it continues it’s climb towards $999. Now is a great time to lock in the LifterLMS Infinity Bundle.

7) Advanced quizzing and assignments are coming soon – Advanced quizzes and assignments requiring manual grading are coming to the LifterLMS Infinity Bundle stating in December. Why not lock in your Infinity Bundle subscription pricing now at $449 before it goes up to $999 after those advanced add-ons roll out?

8) We “get” where you’re coming from – I know you’re a smart expert, teacher or entrepreneur. You’ve done a lot of research making sure you pick the right tools. You want a technology company to partner with that you can trust. You want a company that will give you the technical support you need when you get stuck or need guidance. You want a company that cares about your students too. You want a company that will continue to add value and improve their products over time. That company is having this conversation with you right now. That technology partner is LifterLMS.

9) It gets even better … The Social Learning add-on is coming next… – We are about to release Private Areas to the world on July 31 at a price point that you will not be able to get again, but do you know what’s coming next to the Infinity Bundle? It’s an advanced add-on called Social Learning that will bring a private Facebook-like wall to your platform. This will give students the ability to communicate with each other so their learning experience doesn’t feel like a ghost town. If individual students allow it, the social system will also automatically post to the wall their various learning accomplishments as they go. And that’s just the beginning of what’s coming with the Social Learning add-on.

As you can tell the LifterLMS Infinity Bundle has a lot of value in it, and the value of your investment will continue to grow over time.

Many in the LifterLMS community have voiced a desire to sell passive video and multimedia courses, but then offer an upsell option of the passive course PLUS private coaching that would be “high ticket” and include more of the teacher’s time actively coaching the student. Hypothetically if you were to charge $500 for a passive video course, you might offer $5,000 for that same course PLUS private 1:1 coaching (made possible with Private Areas).

I won’t be able to charge you $5,000 for this, even though our goal is to help you design and launch a world class high-value teaching and coaching platform that you own with full control.

We are offering you the Infinity Bundle for $449 while it’s on sale this week!

At the end of the day, the income you will make from your online courses is great. We are providing tools to help you create valuable courses. But we are also thinking about your impact as a teacher, coach, and mentor. Our vision is to also help support your learning projects in terms of impact and legacy.

I asked you earlier why you let me into your inbox.

I want to thank you for your time, your attention and your trust.

As a fellow course creator I know how much you care about your project.

I know how much you want your education & ecommerce technology choices to support your vision and “just work.”

I look forward to celebrating the rollout of LifterLMS Private Areas into the Infinity Bundle with you in 7 days on July 31!

Click here to secure your copy of Private Areas and lock in your Infinity Bundle pricing before the price goes up:

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