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How do you choose a quality web design company that will understand your companies’ objective for designing or redesigning your web site?

Below are the following things you and your team must consider before hiring or considering building or redesigning a website, this applies to both old and new project,

1. Your Budget

The first thing that needs to be consider is you must be able to know how much you want to spend on your web project, how much do you and your company plan to spend on new design or redesign

2. Time Frame

The time frame for your project is what should fuel the fire of  you hiring the best designer or designing company, you will not want to hire someone who does not meet deadline, hiring an unreliable designing company may cause a set back or result in your customers’ loss of confidence in your personality. If you happen to be a consultant or middle man in the web design world, getting the right person on the right job that will deliver on time might be what project your project need, short term or long term.

3. Project Work

A project work entails of all your web site files and documents that makes up a website, if you are thinking of redesigning your site, then you have to think through with your team, if you are going to use the same web contents and materials like images, audio, and much more that makes the bedrock of your old design, you have to come to a conclusion on which parts of your project files that need to be reworked on or edited for perfection, if you plan from starting from the scratch, then delegate work to be done to your team, in-order to meet designer or developer deadlines and start working on web project

3. Additional Files

You have to plan the additional files that you want to add to your project, it can be videos, images, more contents,  audio files, external links to another site powered by your company or to a social media site, thoroughly plan and make sure every files that are not yet ready are created or  source for on time, you may hire or delegate someone to do that for you to beat deadlines.

4. Site Map Image Mapping

Have at the back of your mind the end result of the design you want from the expert or web design company you are hiring, remember expectation fuel your anticipation for the best, that’s why it’s advisable you let the professioanl you are hiring on the job to have a  full picture or sketch of what you expect from them in form a image sitemap, this is called project work image tree, which consist of

  • image format design of your website and how they will be connecting,
  • Your site navigation,
  • color texture and the positioning of your logo ,
  • contact address, website background and your
  • fonts color really matters in this context.

4. Get Your Team Familiar with the job

You have to make sure at least one or two people in your team, has a knowledge of what a web design is, it can be that you have some people in your team, who have a working knowledge of MS OFFICE WORD, Publisher, Photo Shop editing some might even be a web design analyst; who knows about the job,

make sure you get someone or hire an expert on a contract basis who will help to see your work to perfection stages till web site work is complete, cut down your expense and learn more on how to use your website to your company advantage and profitability .

5.What Calibers of Designer do you plan to hire

Are you planning to hire an individual, a local designer or company in your community, state,  in another state, or you are planning to get a freelancer on the job- if you are someone who don’t care about distance, all that matters to you is a good business and quality job done, your choice will determine, where you will start your web expert outsourcing from. Have this at the back of your mind that who you hire highly affect your project, so make sure you are hiring the right person for the right job.

6. Have a Color Sense and Be specific

I don’t advice you  to go on designing a site without considering the color, fonts and background to be use

This apply to both parties, both a hiring company and the expert, for example i don’t expect you to just tell a designer or web developer to work on your website without giving them a definite color to use on your website, this can be disastrous if not consider from the beginning.

What I mean by Color Sense is knowing the color that suit your website, the background that will work and the fonts and color that will complement, this is not cheap, You may sometimes need to get online to look at your competitor sites or look at some of the website you would love to let your site look like, this will give you a color sense and picture of what you will be expecting and applying to your own web project.

Don’t embark on a web project, without you settling the matter of color sense.

7.  Make Sure Your Website is design in an easy to read manner,

I did talk more on this in Critical Website Design Rules , no one would love to bookmarked a website that is not easy to read, make sure this is checked why the design or web project is going on, lest you will have to pay extra fee for the mess you didn’t pay attention too, due to lack of information, so be informed.

8. Know the Popular Keywords you want to use on your site.

Having at the back of your mind the keywords you want to use for your site, help you to quickly start getting index by Google and third parties company, because a site with a keywords is easily indexed than a muddled up site , that has no keywords, for more info on a keyword, search the internet to find out more on keywords or hire an SEO consultant to know the right keywords to use on your site,

One of the reason why you need to know this from the beginning is because, it makes your designer  to start applying these keywords to your website from the beginning of project, and it can as well save you, your team and designer from a great headache, most especially for your team , it reduces the cost of your budget, because an SEO expert will have to charge for that.

9. Find Out about the kind of web hosting you will be needing

Find out if you will need a share or dedicated hosting plan, what space and bandwidth does you and your company need to kick start,

you will not want to choose a red color shirt or a white native trouser, that will be call a misfit.

So you will have to make sure youe designer and developer is choosing the right hosting plan for your website.

10. Get SSL To Rank High on Google.

Why do you need to consider from the beginning of your project, why not later, because it boost the credibility of your site, Google can easily rank you , since an SSL is one of the fundamental measures Google use in ranking, SSL is used on 90% of merchant website and payment gateway across the globe , this make your users to be able to trust your site and contents you provide, there are different kind of SSL, you can get a COMODO SSL as low as $10 to $35 per year, you can get a free or open ssl by searching online , if you don’t have a budget for a paid ssl right now, you can try  our 90days free Premium SSL  or try our Premium SSL at a competitive price which only last for three month before it’s expiration. I will be writing on SSL and how to choose the right one soon, just keep reading to get update.

These are the major out of many things to consider, plan your budget around this and make sure you ask the necessary question and have them answered correctly before hiring a designer, lest there be a project delay, make sure you get portfolios of recent works done by the professional or firm you are hiring, it is important to have a glimpse of what you will be expecting from project designer.

I believe , everything worth doing is worth doing well,


If you are going to do it the right way, follow the due process and be ready to pay the price and have a happy website design and development for you and your company.

We will be talking about your designers / developer portfolio next,See you in the next edition!.

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