What You Need To Consider Before Embarking On A Web Project

What You Need To Consider Before Embarking On A Web Project
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Today, I will be talking about things you have to consider before starting a web project, as a web designer or web developer, this may sound to you as unnecessary, you long to start planning once you received a cheque or transfer from your clients, sometimes the project may be personal , an in-house development, expansion , or doing a friend and family a favor by helping them to expand their web functionality.

Now there is a general and noteworthy saying that says “When We fail to plan, we plan to fail”, this saying is not just subject to career, business or personal planning, but it has to do with all areas of life,

life is planning, an unplanned nation will end up with an unplan issues, bankruptcy, problem, etc.

So planning is necessary, having being in the web design / web development industry for almost a decade, there is a lot to learn during your design and developing career, and also in the process of business development, i will be sharing some of the ideas that coagulate with our theme topic. Through out this article i will be referring to customer, client, friends, colleague , customer, in-house development project, new project all as a client, so i want you to make a reference to this each time you come across the word “Clients”

The First Thing  You Must Consider is

1. Your Ability

There is nothing wrong with you accessing and rating your personal, interpersonal skills and development , as a designer, developer or programmer, this is what help you to know your limit and boundary of what you are going to be promising or assuring your clients on what you are going to do for them.

It’s a bad business ethics to going over-bound, that is going beyond what you can do, for-example as a word-press designer or blogger it will be a lack of insincerity for you to promise your client that you can build an eCommerce site for them , when you don’t know the work around , you don’t know what it entails, you don’t have a project spec you’ve worked on ,and you don’t even have someone on your team who can do that, this can cause a loss of reputation, so don’t go by that way.

Know your limits and start from there, it will be fair to say you can develop a blog site for your client if you have the qualification of running a blog site. Keep developing yourself and when you know you have extra skill, add it to your portfolio and don’t hesitate to let your client’s know about it ( what you have done with it, what you can do , and how well you can do it).


2. Don’t Under Estimate Any Project.

planto success

business plan and management

Since the mustard seed can grow from being one of the smallest seed on earth to become one of the largest tree we have on this planet earth , so is a small project, when it’s being handle by someone who takes nothing for granted, there is no web project that does not comes with their stress, skills and technical know how, don’t just assume you know how to work on the project, ask your client to write back to you by asking them a smart question on paper , to help you understand what they want and need, there are three things you must know about your clients.

  •  Firstly every clients that transact new business or existing business with you assume you can do it , base on your profile and your business analyzing, so they have a high expectation of whatever project they’ve given to you to do, even when they may not be able to explain it to you at the beginning they sure do know what they want.
  •  Secondly you must know that the first critics you have is your clients and his team, now am not trying to confuse things here, you must know that , your clients will not stop calling for editing of different aspect of the project, if they are not satisfy, this happen when you have not being able to meet the client specification you promise, so when this occurs, it can be frustrating, you have to bear it and do a good job editing.
  •  Thirdly , your client is your first marketer, once you do a good job, then you are going to have your name on a million pages of the social media web, because doing a good web project is making a name for yourself, so be diligent in your area of specialization and do a fine job to receive reference from clients.

    3. Prepare A Project Work

    project planning


    The project work has to do with the design and development cycle of any project you are working on, this is mostly used by professional developers,programmers and designers. This techniques is known as the world most used  computer programmer methodology,you can use it to have your design and development process broken down into different stages, you indicates work to be done in different stages, and what will serve as the yardstick or a pass for each stage to move on to the next stage, this is very important, you can’t be designing and at the same time be working on the graphical part of the site, let this be broken down into stages, mostly, your image and graphics should have been ready before embarking on the project, any other image that is needed during the project should be assign to someone else to do , if you have work already assign to yourself.

    4. Don’t Move To The Next Stage Without Finishing The Previous Stage

One of the worst way to work on a project is to have a lot of undone work in each stages of your project, for-example, if you have not define the framework of your design or project, i don’t advise you to go start working on any project, lest your clients call you for a change and you will have to start afresh or work through a code that will eventually be tedious to re-code.

Why allot of people get frustrated on a job is because of this common attitude, a scattered man should not lead a project, it’s better to administrate than try to skip essential and core part of a project  to complete the next one.

5. Don’t Hesitate To Outsource

When you are working on a project and you are stucked, don’t hesitate to outsource, this may come in form of searching online on how to fix the issue at hand , or working with someone who is more is expertise in that business area,

do not let your client project suffer, because you’re stucked, outsource and get project done as soon as possible,

Higher percent of most business minded people like working with someone that keep to time, outsourcing may cost you either your time and ability to add to what you already know, or sharing your profit with whoever you’re hiring to get job done.

6. Don’t Give Client A Price Until You Know What Kind Of Project They Want You To Create For Them

This is where patience comes in, for young designers and those who are thirsty for clients, funds and also to increase portfolio, there is nothing bad in all this, but you have to take it slow and smart, focus on the project, know what your clients want, and make your cost, make sure you don’t end up losing, and don’t also be too ambitious to scare your clients away with an extortioner bill, let your pricing  be affordable and competitive, this will have to depend on you rate the project, this point is not to be used if you are a novice, this serve as an education guide to help you to pattern your thinking.

7. Know Who Your Clients Competitor Are

Knowing who your rivals are, will help you know the type of defense you need to put on when you meet with them and it also give you a plan and strategy on what to do to overcome , if you are smarter, most times your client may not know who their competitor are, off off-course most client will always tell you they want you to pattern their project like someone else own , or a world leading website, this may not actually be their competitor at the time, it’s your responsibility to help your client find their competitor and make sure whatever you are working on will meet up to standard.

8. Don’t Spend Profit When Project Is Unfinished

Why most people are stucked on the same project without finishing, is because they spend all before finishing the project, you have to be disciplined, no matter the pressing need you have , plan the budget you need to get work started and it completion, set it aside extra funds and don’t ever use money meant for project for your personal use, be a person of integrity and deliver a quality and reliable service work-done to your clients.

We will be stopping here for now , we will talk more on this in our next article, Title “Know Your Customer”


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